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2 Favourite festival make up looks

A few weeks ago I was at v festival and being a makeup lover at a festival is great because you can experiment with your makeup looks, so I thought that I would show you some makeup looks that I love when I go to a festival.

My first look is a nude eye with a bright colour on the waterline. I just love this look and I got it from Nikkitutorials in one of her videos and ever since then I can't stop wearing it because you can change the waterline colour to match your outfit colours. For the waterline,I used the M.A.C in the colour Fig. 1. I just love this colour because it's just so vibrant and the pigment is amazing and for the eyelids, I used the naked 3 pallet and the Tanya Burr fairytale pallet. I just love the colours in both platelets as I am a lover of nude and gold eye shadows. 

For my second look I've gone for the nude and gold eye for this I used the urban decay eyeshadow primer to give the eyeshadow that lasting look. for the base,  I used the fairytale palled and…

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