My Top 5 Festival Essentials

Festival season is here, and as I am getting ready for V Festival, I thought that I would share my top 5 all time festival essentials that I can't live the weekend without.

Dry Shampoo + Baby wipes 

Going to a festival you know your gonna be a little bit smelly and have major grease overload in your hair, so I think that to lessen the smell and lower the grease level I think that it is essential to bring a big pack of wet wipes so you can have a "festival shower" so you smell fresher than you actually are and they can double up as face wipes so there's no need to carry that extra weight in your cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. Also bringing dry shampoo can help the "I haven't been in the shower and washed my hair for days" look and make your hair look less like a chip pan and more like you have a good shampoo that makes your hair nice and glossy.

Portable Charger
One of the worst parts of a festival is having your phone run out if charge in the middle of your favorite act and not being able to film the rest of their set and then after having to go and pay for it to be charged for a few hours, so I think that having a portable charger with you is a great thing to have because you can plug it in and have it charge your phone while your fave act is on and you won't have to miss filming them for the whole set because you'll have a charging phone. I suggest going with a one that is around 10, 000mAh because it can charge an iPhone up to 4x so you will have a fully charged battery for the whole of the festival.

A Good pair of wellies 

If you have ever encountered  a British festival you will know that 75% of the time there will be rain and when there's rain there's sludge and who wants wellies that somehow have gained a few holes halfway through the festival? and every time you take a step you squelch because there is mud in your wellie. So I suggest that you spend a little extra on a good pair of wellies. I have got some hunter wellies, they are on the pricey side but they have lasted me a good few years and hopefully many more years. 


There is one accessory that I can't live without at a festival and that is glitter, whether it is on my face, in my hair or somewhere on my body it will be a part of my outfit because no festival look is complete without some glitter. I normally put the glitter on my cheek bone all the way to just above my eyebrow. I normally just get the glitters off eBay and use a nontoxic glue to stick the glitter to my face 

A kick-ass playlist 

Whether it's bopping in the car on the way there or chilling at the tent between your favourite acts, I love having a playlist because it can just be played quietly in the background when your chilling around the tents or you can have it on full blast on the way to the festival. I like to fill the playlist with all of my favourite acts that are going to perform or even sometimes the festival has a Spotify playlist with all the all the acts and a few of their songs. 

Emily xxxx

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