June Favourites ☀️💖

Theses are some of my favourite things from the month of June, so enjoy.


My first beauty favourite is the NYX Liquid Suede in the colour Orange County, I love this lipstick as it is east to apply and the colour lasts for a long time even when you drink or eat, I also love how the applicator is at an angle so it is easy to apply, the only downside to it is that when you come to take it off it does take a while and turns around your lips a little pink, other than that I love it. Another beauty item I have been loving this month is my acrylic nails had got for a wedding, they were just a nice length not too short but not too long and I just love things that are sparkly and the last beauty item that I am loving this month is the lush face masks, I love theses because there soo good for my skin and they smell amazing, at the moment I have the cupcake fresh face mask and it has made my skin so smooth as it has herbs and mint in the mask so it gets rid of impurities in the skin although it is a brown paste and look like you've gone to the garden and got a hand full of mud popped it on your face.


I have been loving my ChiChi London dress (Chi Chi Suri dress) , I wore this dress for a wedding and I felt like a princess because it was so poofy and I think it's the best dress I have ever worn and it was comfy to wear as there wasn't anything sticking into me and the material was so soft and also the detail on the dress was amazing and on to the dress sparkled when the sun hit it, I could have twirled around in the dress all day but it wasn't my wedding so I couldn't (sad face) . I also love my black choker necklace I just think it looks cute. I have also been loving is off the shoulder tops, I like them as it shows off my collar bones which I have a thing for and also you can wear any type of necklace with the style and it would go. Finally, the last item of clothing I am loving is a pair of black / navy/silver heels, their a nice height as I can wear them all day without my feet hurting but they are tall enough to make me look like I'm a normal height and also their sparkly and who doesn't love things that sparkle? 

Bits and Bobs

There is a few bits and bobs I have adored this month and one of them is the 2-meter iPhome charger that I bought, I think that it is the best thing I have bought this decade, I can move around so much with it before my charger never reached the bed but not it does and it amazes me every time I use it but the downside is that I now trip over it a lot more. Another thing I've enjoyed this month is the snapchat filters I especially like the classic flower crown and face swap because who doesn't love face swapping with friends. This month I have loved the fact that I qualified to be a level 3 beautician, which is what I have been working on for the past 10 months. And finally, the last thing I have been loving this month is old letters that you have written then found them years later. Earlier this month my sister had a big room clear out and found a folder that was mine with all my plans in from 2013 and I thought it was soo cute because back then I had no idea I would be here now and it amazes me how we think we know our future but in reality we don't and I think it's kinda cool.

Emily xxxx

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