A mountain walk

I like to think that I'm lucky to live where I do because some people who live in the city haven't seen a cow in real life or they have never seen a mountain as the land around them is flat. But because I live near the Lake District I see a mountain every time I look out of my bedroom window or I see a cow if I go to the nearest field. I just find it really bizarre how some people have never seen a farm animal apart from a picture they've seen somewhere.

We set off at the bottom of the mountain early afternoon, just after lunch, so we were ready to go with a full tummy and a bottle of water in our hands.

Before we set off the sky looked dull, but we set off anyway in hopes it stayed dry and we didn't have to turn back home as it was raining because who wants to walk up a mountain when your soaking wet.

A third of the way up we took a break and had a snack while also looking out at the view, even though it's not a particularly big mountain (about 502m) the views are still amazing even when you're still not at the top. After we were refueled we headed off again to climb the rest of the mountain

After a 2 hour climb we were finally at the top the mountain but with skidaw, the next mountain over our mountain didn't look so big. When we finally got to the top the sun had finally come out and we could see the beams beaming over the town blow us. After a marvel at the view and nature around us, it was time to start heading down the mountain which took us considerably less time than it did to walk up then back to the car and then homebound.  

                                            Emily xxx 

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