Photo shot

This month I had the incredible opportunity to work for Carlisle Living magazine for the December issue being one of their make-up artists.

The day started off at 9 am with the male models with hair and make up. Everywhere you looked where cameras for the magazine getting the behind the camera action. Then after hair and make up they went on to set while i did touch ups wherever they where needed, then it was on to lunch. After lunch it was on to the female models where they took longer then the males as they had more dramatic looks, then it was back to set to have photos. After we finished up it was a 6 pm finish

all in all it was a fantastic day, it was always busy and there was always something happening and as a thank you they gave us new versions of the make-up they we had used on the models which was nice as we used Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

                                            Emily xxx

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