Afternoon Tea at Ladore falls

Tomorrow it's my sisters birthday so as a surprise we thought we would go for afternoon tea somewhere in the lakes as its only a 45-minute drive from where we live. We decided to go to The Ladore Falls Hotel, the drive though was amazing as it always is when you go through the lake district because where ever you look there are mountains or there is a lake, whenever I go to the lakes I'm always appreciative of where I live because there a people who have lived in city all their life and maybe have never seen a mountain in person and because of that I feel I'm lucky to live where I live.

When we arrived at the hotel it was scorching, it was soo nice although we had to sit inside because every table was taken outside, I didn't mind as I had chosen to wear black jeans wich want a good choice when its hot and also they had air con inside so we weren't too warm or too cold. we were sat next to the window wich was overlooking Derwent water and the mountains behind it and it looked so picturesque

When we got to or seat the table was set out so nicely and the decor was posh but it had an old feel to it then the tea came ( I think I drank like 2 pots of tea ) I just love tea, I don't know if it's me or it's  just because I'm stereotypically British  or not but I could drink it all day 

After waiting a few more minutes the food came it didn't look much but by the end we were full and I was at the stage where your soo full you start feeling sick.

On the bottom row, we had an arrange sandwiches, which included egg and cress, chicken with a spicy sauce on it wich was delicious and cucumber wich is so  stereotypically posh. On the second row, we had scones with butter, jam, and cream but for some unknown reason, I only like having jam on my scones, also on that row we had fruit cake but, my sister and I dont like it so we left it. On the top row, we had a few deserts which included: a chocolate coverd strawberry, a brownie with crushed malteasers on top ( it was one of the bet brownies I have ever tasted ), shrotbread wich was heart shaped and that was amasing , a mini victoria sponge cake and finally we had this lemony liquid with strawberry sauce ans wat tasted a little like mashmellow fluff on the top which was also delicous. 

After watching the world go by out of the window and letting the food settle it was time to head home to go into a food coma

                                               Emily xxxx

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