I'm Qualified

As of 3pm today I am a fully qualified level 3 Beauty Therapist. The past 10 months has been the best 10 months but also the hardest but it has enjoyed every last minute.

The first few months of the year started off a nice slow and steady just to ease us into level 3, this started off with learning: facial electrics, body massage and Indian head massage all while doing the anatomy and physiology that goes with the treatments and also written questions too

Then after Christmas, it was full steam ahead as we had another 4 topics to learn ( body electrics, tanning, aromatherapy, microdermabrasion) while also having the anatomy and physiology and also written qustions while having to do 2 assignmetns. It was manic.

But the last few weeks although stressfull they were fun, just to see everyone coming to an end even if it is kind of sad I won't see some of them again but as they say '' as one door closes another one opens'' because next year I'm going back to college to study Media and Theatrical Makeup which I can't wait to start. 

                                                     Emily xxxx 

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