Glasgow shopping

last Tuesday morning at 8am, I set off on a 2-hour journey to Glasgow to go shopping. On the way there and on the way back me and my sister had to sing and keep ourselves entertained as my father's car had no radio but it was fixed the day after which is typical but we had loads of fun having little competitions and messing around with each other. Around half way, we stopped at the services and I got myself a drink and a curly wurly  ( try saying curly wurly in a Scottish accent its soo funny). then it was back onto the road for the other half of the journey to Glasgow. When we finally arrived in Glasgow at 10:30 after finding a car park

Topshop: jeans, boots, and bag
Newlook: top
m&s; sunglasses

finally getting to the shops we first went into the Disney shop where there was a castle that young children could take a photo with, but because I'm a big kid I had to take a photo in it because I'm a princess even though I don't live in a castle. After wanting the whole of the shop it was time to come out of it in case I actually bought the whole shop and off to do some more shopping we went 


After walking around a few shops we went into Hollister wich I love but I can hardly ever go to as there is not one near me, I either have to go to Newcastle or Glasgow. I can't wait to wear the flowery cami with a pair of jeans and heels to go to a garden party or a few drinks in the day, I love the colors and the cross back it's so summery and girly which is so me and I could wear the elephant top with some high waisted shorts for a festival or a day outfit on holiday.  

A few hours shopping it was time was lunch, we decided to go to the handmade burger co and it was fantastic. I had the BBQ pulled pork burger which was one of the best ones that I have ever had and I has piri  piri chips they were hot, but not too hot so that I couldn't eat them. After a stomach full of food, it was back to shopping.

Then it was time to pop into newlook for some casual clothes but came out with a cute off the shoulder top. Then we decided to go to forever 21 but when we got there the lights there on  bu there was nothing in the shop, the walls and the floors where bear and the funny thing is that that's the only shop my sister actually wanted to go to, which is typical.

After the mishap at forever 21, we went to the apple shop to get me a 2m charger, I normally get a 1m one but it never normally seems to reach far enough and the 2m id the best thing ever. We also went to HMV so I could buy the Lemonade album and it is AMAZING, my favorite songs off the album are Daddy Lessons, Sandcastles, and Freedom although every song on the album is fantastic. second to last we went to lush and I bought myself the cupcake mask because I love it.

Lastly, we stopped at Primark and I only got 2 really cute tops , the first one is a baseball style t-shirt with the central perk logo on the front because I absolutely love friends and I think myself a Rachael but I'm actually more like Phoebe which I don't mind because I love her and the second one is a crop top with a unicorn badge on it that says '' don't follow the crowd, be a unicorn'' and lastly a pack of hair bobbles.

Finally after a days shopping and tired feet, it was time to go on a 2-hour drive to get home. I slept most of the way home wich was the best when we finally got home I went straight to bed 

                                                          Emily xxxx

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