Easter Sunday

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday I don't know if it's a British thing or if everywhere else in the world does it but where I live we have always make a big thing about it. we always go for a meal with all of our family friends, with an egg dumping competition and games for the younger ones. My favourite part of the whole day is getting a whole new outfit for the day.

I just love this outfit because its stylish, comfy and you can go from day to night by a few extra accessories 

This year as always we were late because my mum had gotten the time wrong so I had to go with no makeup on and when I got there I ran to the toilets to do it there, but when I was finished doing my makeup and came out to sit down we weren't the last family there so there was no point it worrying

The food was great (although I like 98% of food) but the funniest moment of the whole day came when I accidentally dropped a roast potato into my best friends brothers drink, the funny thing was that no one realised and I was just sitting there amazed that just I had seen it happen and then one by one the rest of them realised and the whole table where just sitting crying with laughter over what just happened.

After lunch we had the quiz which we obviously won, we called ourselves squad goals because after winning the quiz we proved that we were worthy of that name. Then we had the all important egg dunking competition which I was the last one on our table to be left in the comp, only to be knocked out in the 3rd round (there was 5 or 6 in total). Finally after a couple hours of sitting chatting it was home time for the young ones so we could get ready to go out to dance the night away. 

Emily xxxx

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