Newcastle / 5sos tour

Day 1

Last Monday at 12:30pm I boarded the train from Carlisle to Newcastle to have a great few days there. After a cup of tea, a read through Vouge magazine and an hour and a half later, I arrived in Newcastle. after only a five mins walk from the train station to the hotel and the steepest hill, I have ever walked. the hotel was right under the one of the main bridge in Newcastle and the view of the river and the bridge was so nice and cute.

After settling in the hotel  and getting ready for the concert ( I wore black jeans and converse with a white vest top and a red and black flannel) it was out for an early tea at the Wetherspoons down  the road, although the sun was shining there was a cool wind so we couldn't sit outside and eat watching the river. I had a delicious brunch burger wich had bacon and egg in it (yum). Then after a good giggle and a full stomach, we were off to the concert. 

 Jessarae and don broco where their supporting acts and they were great but they were so different from each other. When 5sos finally came on they were absolutely fantastic, throughout the whole concert, I was singing and jumping around with my foam finger that I bought at the merch stand ( it was the best thing I bought all the time I was there). I had two favourite bits of the concert the first one was when Michael came out by himself and sang the first verse of jet black heart, it was amazing and the  second was when they made a song about Newcastle, it went ''Newcastle is not old castle'' with a heavy metal tune to go with it. 

Then the concert was over, we then headed back to the hotel, walking next to the river tyne where all the bridges were lit up and it looked so nice ( I did get a picture but it was too blurry wich is typical). we stopped off at the shop near our hotel to get some late night snacks, then after eating them all we went to bed.

Day 2 

after waking up at half 10 and getting ready, we checked out of the hotel but left our suitcases there for later so we didn't have to carry them around all day and headed for the shops, and we shopped until we  dropped, stopping half way through for dinner at  subway where I got a 6inch toasted chicken tikka with salad and mayo. Then after I had spent all my money it was time to head back to the hotel to grab our stuff and head to the train station to go back home but not before waking up one of the steepest hills I have ever walked up and I was in heels because if you don't shop in heels them you are week. 

                                             Emily xxxx

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