Bucket List 2016 Edition

I think that everyone should have a bucket list that they try to achieve before they die so here's mine, it's just a few ideas that I came up with when I thought of a bucket list, so enjoy.

Emily's bucket list 2016 

1. Step foot on every continent / Travel
2. Live in NYC
3. Live in London 
4. Become a fashion stylist / Makeup artist 
5. Be happy 
6. Walk down a red carpet 
7. Attend a televised award show 
8. Travel First class somewhere 
9. Meet Justin Bieber, Adele and Beyonce 
10. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
11. Go on safari in Africa 
12. Go to all Disney parks 
13. Get married and have Kids
14. Visit the original Starbucks
15. Have a home library
16. Scuberdive in the great barrier reef 
17. Experience New York City at Christmas
18. Go backpacking by myself 
19. Go for dinner on the top of the Eiffel tower 
20. Swim with dolphins 

Emily xxxx

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