photographs are worth a thousand words

I love having photographs to remember the memory but sometimes having a photo on my phone isn't enough and I want a physical copy to have in my hand. So I decided to order them on the internet, I've never ordered photos online before, so I thought I would give it a go, so I searched the internet for the best one and finally I found an app called free prints.

when I ordered the photos they said that they would be here in 5 - 7 days but to my delight they came after about 3 days which was great. they came in a cardboard envelope then inside was the little pouch with the photos in, I thought it was really cute because it looks like the holiday photos we have up in the long cupboard at the to of the stairs.

The quality of the photos are amazing, non of them are blury and they look excatly like the old phots that you had in the 00's apart from the better picture other than they are the same. 

I picked out a few for my favourites just to show you:

I can't wait for a few years down the line where I can look back at the photos and have a physcal coppy instead of on my phone 

                                              Emily xxxx

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