a winter walk through the forest

A few days ago I went to center parcs and it was so cute because there was fake snow on the ground and Christmas music playing around the forest on the was to the village center. When i got the village center it had a giant Christmas/New Year countdown.

We walked around the village center looking at all the little shops that where there for the morning, and then for dinner we went to the pancake house I had a BBQ pulled pork pancake which was nice but I didn't know it had hot peppers in it so my mouth felt like it was on fire. After dinner we went swimming at the subtropical swimming paradise, where there was a wave pool and like 5 slides and a lazy river, we spent like 3 hours in there. 

After swimming we went for a walk around the lake looking at the cute decorations and lights that surround it, after walking around the lake we went to the winter wonderland where there were real raindeers and cute little houses that had scenes in them that where elves doing things and after that we want home 


Emily xxx

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